1. How long is Dat Vinh Tien Switchboard warrantied?

Dat Vinh Tien Switchboard is given warranty condition based on the contract of each customer (12 months, 18 months, 24 month )

2. What is Warranty Policy for Dat Vinh Tien Switchboard?

- Check & fix the issues within 24 hours and in Ho Chi Minh City

-  Replace the components immediately if available or waiting for importing

- Support to check after the warranty period's end

3. What is the Warranty Policy for Cable Trays?

- Replace the defective products
- Support checking, and providing staff to solve the problems at site
- Services after warranty period's end

4. What is the delivery time for Dat Vinh Tien's switchboard?

It takes around 6-8 weeks and it depends on the components' import. If it is imported from EU, the delivery time will plus +2 weeks

5. How long is the delivery time for Cable Trays after contract signed?

It takes around 2-4 weeks for total quantity of 3,000m

6. What is the key value propositions of Prisma iPM ?

- Compliant to IEC 61439-1&2 standard, certified up to 4000A for Floor Standing Switchboards and 630A for Wall-mounted. 
- Save time for design, production and delivery time shorten thanks to the switchboard is standardized by Schneider Electric

- Prisma iPM is Green Premium Product

7. The proposition of Dat Vinh Tien Switchboard?

- Flexible structure and color.
- Compatible/Suitable with products of different brands
- Customize on customers' demand

8. What is the production process of Dat Vinh Tien's Switchboard?

1) Order Receipt
2) Production Design & Components order
3) Mechanical production
4) Assembling
5) Testing
6) Packaging
7) Delivering
8) Installing at site

9. What is the Production Process of Prisma iPM?

1) Order Receipt
2) Running production Drawing by Easy Prisma & Components order
3) Mechanical production
4) Assembling
5) Testing
6) Packaging
7) Delivery
8) Installed at site

10. What is the certification of Dat Vinh Tien's Products?

- KEMA Full Type Test IEC 61439 - 1&2 for LV Switchboard, up to 6300A
- ISO 9001 - 2008